Who is your favorite music producer?

In today’s variety of musical directions and the wide possibilities of production that have appeared recently, a huge number of musicians, primarily homegrown ones, have begun to appear. Previously, tracks could stay on the charts for months, today playlists are updated every day. Released music will be less and less confused, as access to it has become freer, and the volume of its release has increased significantly.
In this regard, I wanted to ask which of the music producers do you like today and how often do you change your musical preferences?

Unfortunately, today people are “snickering”. The music is less and less impressive. There is an opinion that all music has already been written in principle. If today you take and start listening to all the music created by mankind, then your whole life will not be enough to listen to everything. The sound is also primitivized, the arrangements are becoming simpler, so you can’t expect the “wow” effect from modern tracks. The last time I experienced something like this was 10 years ago.
For me, Timbaland remains the best producer, he knew how to make it memorable for a long time. Everything that he created can be listened to with pleasure and admired even today.

Of modern producers, I would say DJ Mustard. Although many consider him underestimated.

Madlib is very inspiring!