Publishing tracks

I want to make it known that I do not like the fact that users have to have a premium sub to publish a track. Not trying to seek attention, but I want to get my tracks heard!!! I’m a school student as well and use amped for personal use. I would appreciate it if something could be done about this.

Not just that but they should also add more features and pages, cuz rn all u can see is the most recent stuff and most of it is just spam. They should make it like a mini sound cloud.

Great , that you takig part in discussions and share your visions. “Tracks” the section of Amped Studio site is a thing to work on and it is in progress… sure when it is out none of users left dissapointed!! And … Yahh… me personally also love soundcloud , but must admit there some things that i would llike to change or improve as well…but just maybe noticeable for more advanced users… there is always space to improve)) …