Music AI ? What is you opinion?

Recently we could observe a buzz by graphic artist since quality of AI generated images rised exponentially, what is you ideas dear artists and creators about music Ai ?

Do not think there is a that big threat from AI to creators, and does not matter music or image or any other area, creative results are still percieved by a human, and final consumer is human and human still need something made by human , it is like a water for living. But u r right, it’s necessary to adobp to new changes and use progress in corresponding interests, can think about AI as a tool… Just like Photoshop came into life many years ago )), and main tool today, same with generators and etc. But art direction is still needed …

I have used some like Mubert. But the result is not always what i am looking for, but it also depends on your purpose. But anyways it is interesting and as a graphic artists can get insipration and clue of the concept, in music it can be used the same way.

It’s terrible. The other day I was trying to make a vocal using an AI that creates sung lines. It didn’t fit the music, and it was so off-time. I really don’t think AI should be used in that way.

Yee…For vocals it might be even more complicate to get exactly what you are looking for… from the other hand i agree that for inspiration when you just in creative search this can be useful