Leo Rojas - Ecuadorian pan flute

Leo Rojas is a pan flutist from Ecuador. His full name is Juan Leonardo Santilla Rojas. He was born and raised in one of the poorest and most exotic countries in Latin America - Ecuador. At the beginning of our century, he comes to Spain, and from there, on a tourist visa, to Germany. Leo’s main income at that time was playing Indian wind instruments. On the streets Among many other street musicians. One day he was noticed and offered to try to speak in a talent show on television. Performed and won. The career of a professional musician began, and Dieter Bohlen wrote out a kind of start in life for him, becoming the producer of the first full-length album, The Spirit of the Hawk. Mostly they are covers. peculiarly combining Indian exoticism and familiar European melodies and intonations. All together - very attractive and interesting. Videos with Rojas’ compositions usually contain iconic footage: landscapes of South America and his native Ecuador in particular. Well, he plays, of course, great … + charm, charisma. The iconic El Condor Pasa - with this composition he won the talent show in the semi-finals.

You just read my mind! I started listening to Cesar Espinoza and YouTube is full of Leo videos. I have been listening to him for several evenings in a row. This is unearthly music, sublime, lively, sensual. And the musician himself! Original, interesting, the manner of moving during performance is unique. One sheer delight! But Leo also plays other instruments. Leo Rojas- The Lonely Sheppard.

Somehow I ran into a whole album of Leo Rojas, turned on the background and enjoyed it. What a pleasant music, it is alive, it is like nature itself, everything is natural and beautiful! Clips from him, of course, also do not take your eyes off. And even just videos that are made by ordinary YouTube users. See for yourself.

Beautiful cover of the soundtrack from the cartoon “The Lion King” - Circle of Life