Is there a way to download your music tracks straight from the website as a MIDI file?

I was looking for a MIDI editor online and then this site came up. I was planning to import the MIDI in, edit it, and then download the edited MIDI. I imported the MIDI into the editor and was editing it for 3 days. When I was done, I couldn’t find an option to download it. Is it possible to download MIDI that has been edited on this site?

Hi. To download midi clip: right click on the midi clip you wish to save to your desktop, select export midi Clip, ( you will be provided with two options: to save the entire clip you select or an area of entire clip according to position of the loop selector ) chose the destination.


Here is some more tips about Amped Studio midi

I meant the entire edited midi file, not just one track.

This topic is at the top of the message boards, and is 7 months old… Your program allows us to upload midi, but not to download a multitrack midi, only a single track, even the paid version. This is kind of pointless, I don’t want to convert it to an MP3 and lose the ability for the tracks to be read by an interpreter, Please fix this and provide a reply to the intended question, the ability to download a single track from a multitrack edited midi is useless and was not the intention of the original questioner.

I wasted some time to figure out how it worked, and after two hours, I finished my midi. And now you tell me I can’t export it to… you know… as a midi, just the tracks separately??? I tried exporting while selecting all the tracks, but the exported file is silent. :< I was ready to dump some money on it, if it was easy to use and user friendly, but I don’t have time to learn a complex tool and it’s workarounds, when the option to export a midi should be under the export button…

I just made an incredible song and you say it is hard Nah bro.