Is there a future for rock music today?

In your opinion, is rock music still alive and what are its prospects for the future?
My opinion is that the mainstream on it has long passed. At the same time, rock itself dissolved into other musical genres. I mean, a lot of the pop, electronic producers that are popular right now are using elements of rock in their work. In many hits, you can hear interspersed with guitars and elements of heavy music. The same thing happens with other musical genres in principle.

There is some truth in your words. Rock music with a lot of problems that prevent it from competing in today’s world. The barrier to entry is very high as it requires some instrumental talent, few venues, fewer promoters, more mouths to feed. The time that rockers spend learning how to play the guitar is spent elsewhere on marketing. Rock music itself is quite complex, and the level of demand for it today is less than before.
In addition, we have moved into an era where it is easier for labels to maintain a large number of groups, which are often difficult to distinguish from each other, expecting that one of them will produce something worthwhile, than to invest in one group, which, whatever one may say, it will be very difficult to constantly release, in a constant mass flow.

No, rock is alive and will live!!!

Fashion is cyclical, it seems to me that everything will return in 10-15 years.