Is the bass losing its relevance in modern music?

Recently, I have noticed for myself such a trend that in modern electronic music there is less bass, as if it is no longer the basis of the mix. In modern music, I see a trend to ensure that all parts, including vocals and melodies, place more emphasis on high frequencies. As I understand it, this is due to the fact that most of today’s youth listen to music through headphones, phones and portable speakers, where there is no need to emphasize low frequencies, it is more important to hear the melodic component.
Who thinks? Is it so?

I think this is due to the fact that people began to listen to more music in a stream, for example, through Tit-Tok. You are scrolling through a video with musical accompaniment, and in this format of perception it is difficult to catch a person’s attention with a low rhythmic sound, it is much easier to do this with a short melody in high tones. Most likely this is the reason for what you described.
Of course, it is reckless to judge some individual cases, but, nevertheless, it seems to me that there is some truth in your words.

Of course, if you listen to music through the phone’s speakers, you won’t hear the bass.