How to ubind my Stripe express account

I was trying to update my seller’s detail and following by link in my profile i have to binned Stripe Express account, but somehow i checked the wrong country in Stripe settings and it asks me to enter some financial info to complete the verification, but the country is selected wrong, so it will not work, and I can’t undo that step to reselect the country… As i read on the web, i need to contact the Shop or that organization that acc is linked by directly to unlink my stripe express via them. And then will be able to do it again but with the correct country selection, i hope. Sent a message to support to assist with it.

Hi , thanks. Stripe issue was successfully solved.

How can register Stripe if my country is not supported by Stripe ?

I have same question, stripe and Payoneer service not work in Turkey, can you add Bank transfer, wire or any thing ?