How to fade in & fade out audio?

How to fade in audio file in Amped Studio?

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You can use an automation of Volume control, and record it. It will be as an automated parameter on the track you can set it as you need.

Fading in and fading out audio refers to gradually increasing or decreasing the volume of an audio clip over a specific period of time. This can be useful for creating smooth transitions between audio clips in a podcast, music production, or video project.

Here are the general steps to fade in and fade out audio using a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software:

Open your DAW software and import the audio clip that you want to fade in or fade out.

Select the audio clip and zoom in to see the individual samples of the audio.

Now use the automation tool, select the volume and an instrument will appear on the track, after to fade in, place the cursor at the beginning of the audio clip and apply a fade-in effect.

To fade out, place the cursor at the end of the audio clip and apply a fade-out effect.

Adjust the fade-in/out duration by dragging the edges of the fade effect.

Playback the audio to check the fade-in/out effect and make any adjustments if necessary.