Distortion on Vocals in a live/studio setting


I’m trying to get some decent distortion added onto my vocals during practice & live situations.

Hi. You can use any of Effect in the studio to process your audio. Select a Track u want to record your vocal to in the Devices at the bottom of the screen, select and Add Effect ( DIstortion).

Distortion on vocals in a live or studio setting can be caused by a variety of factors, including improper microphone technique, overdriving the input of the mixing board or audio interface, or using effects processors that are set too aggressively.

To prevent distortion on vocals in a live setting, it is important to use a high-quality microphone that is appropriate for the type of vocals you will be recording. A dynamic microphone, for example, is well-suited for live vocals because it is less sensitive to plosives (popping sounds caused by the air coming out of the mouth when pronouncing “p” and “b” sounds) and handling noise.

In terms of microphone technique, the distance between the singer’s mouth and the microphone should be adjusted accordingly. Typically, the singer should be no closer than 6 inches away from the microphone to avoid distortion.

In a studio setting, it is important to set the input level of the mixing board or audio interface correctly. Distortion can occur if the input level is set too high and the audio signal exceeds the maximum level that the device can handle. To avoid this, the input level should be set so that the audio level is just below the maximum level.

Additionally, effects processors such as compressors, limiters or distortion effects should be used with care. These effects can add distortion to the vocals if they are set too aggressively. To avoid this, it is best to use these effects sparingly and to adjust the settings to taste.

It’s worth noting that some distortion can be desirable for specific genres or effects, always keep in mind the context and the final result you want to achieve.