Broken Projects

I already commented about this earlier but is anyone else having issues with opening up projects and all of the regions missing. I can hear things, but the player doesn’t move and its frozen. Maybe my projects are too big or something. Anyone else having this issue or is there a way to fix this because I’m losing a ton of work.

I was and still am having this issue although it is not as bad now. I did find a way to rescue the mix. I exported the mix with all the separate parts and then arranged them in a different DAW.
Its happened only a few times recently but i was still able to play it and i found that by zooming in and zooming out, making each block as big as possible and then small as possible a few times and the mix came back. I did write to Amped regarding this a few months ago and no one bothered to get back to me.

Yes, I am having this problem, too. The waveforms are gone, I can’t edit anything. I can play it, and that’s about it.